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Our Philosophy

Service Dog

We believe in and practice repetition, positive reinforcement and behavior correction through classical conditioning*. There will never be any physical punishment which results in an insecure dog. That’s not how we operate nor is it effective.

Through repetition, we help build confidence with your dog, which leads to a happy and obedient dog.

We never accept more than five dogs at a time to ensure your dog receives substantial one-on-one attention. Consider school classroom sizes with humans. The larger the class, the less individual attention takes place.

It’s very important for the learning process.

We also take your dog for practice session in public settings to work on distractions to ensure success.

Post Training

Upon completion of training, we’ll provide the dog’s humans with commands and guidelines to help ensure consistency. We strongly believe in and urge included follow-up sessions.

Failure to reinforce what was learned means your dog may lose what has been gained and may revert to unwanted behaviors. And, that can become a no-win situation.

Off-Lease Training Example

Specialized Tricks Example

*Classical conditioning is a psychological theory and practice that involves learning new behaviors via process of association. More simply, two stimuli are linked together to produce a newly learned and positive response in a person and/or animal.