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Our Process

We understand that it can be a daunting and nervous process with knowing who you can entrust with your loved companion animal. And, we want to make the process as easy and transparent as possible to ensure you have the confidence in knowing your dog is in good hands.

Nick training

Depending on your specific requests and needs, we will custom tailor your dog’s training needs and determine a time period needed to achieve optimal results.

Typically, we spend one or two weeks with most dogs (Monday through Friday). You can expect on leash obedience training in one week (5 days) and total off leash obedience training in two weeks (12 day board and train program) .

We work with you to set a time to bring your dog (usually Monday morning) and schedule pick-up on Fridays.

We’re understanding of your time and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate your schedule.

The reason for keeping your dog on-site is to instill repetition and ensure we can work with them at all times throughout the day or evening. Repetition results in confidence which ensures obedience!

On-leash training involves teaching a dog how to properly walk on a leash in public without pulling, lunging, or barking. It will also teach them how to be consistently calm inside the home, which in return eliminates unwanted behaviors.

Off-leash training gives you maximum control over your dog in any given situation. Whether it be inside the home, in the backyard, or off leash at the park or beach you will be confident in your dog's obedience.

We keep training sessions frequent, short and fun for your dog throughout the day. This allows for proper exercise and keeps their interest and attention at a peak.